Dr. Jacobs uses an old school, hands-on approach with his chiropractic adjustments, based on the pioneering clinical research and work of Dr. Clarence Gonstead.

What is the Gonstead technique? There are no extensive tests. No drug therapy. No needles or scalpels. It is simply decreasing inflammation locally to allow your body to use its own inborn potential to heal.

This technique applies to more than just the spine. Extremities may be adjusted as well (shoulders, ankles, wrists, thumbs, etc.).  The adjustments are safe for everyone from new born infants to 94 year old great-grandmothers.

“I was receiving chiropractic care at another office, but I was not getting any better. In fact, I was getting worse.”

“I had a lung removed and my doctor said I would have to live with the pain in my side. Months of massage and rest did little to improve my pain. Starting treatments with Dr. Jacobs turned my life around and the pain is gone! The one great lesson I’ve learned is the need for consistent follow up for regular treatments, thanks to Dr. Jacobs. He has a great future with his magic hands!” - Arthur


Jacobs Chiropractic & Wellness Center

Being a Gonstead Chiropractor means finding the problem, fixing it and leaving it alone. The purpose of specific chiropractic adjustments is to bring equilibrium to an imbalanced nervous system. More information on this technique may be found at www.gonsteadseminar.com or www.gonstead.com.

Other therapies which we offer at our clinic include deep tissue massage, PNF stretching (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation), ultrasound therapy, electric stimulation, combination therapy, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Therapy and kinesio taping.